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Long-term perspective keeps focus on short list of selections

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(6/30/15) Villere Funds Commentary. While Greece may be in the news today, we are quite sure attention will turn back to the Fed tomorrow. Our philosophy doesn’t include worrying about what happens in Europe or the Fed. Instead, we rely on our long-term perspective to buy stocks that face the kind of short-term setbacks which might frighten average investors.

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(6/16/15) Sandy Villere thinks 2015 will be more small-cap oriented with a focus on American stocks. He looks for smaller cap stocks that dominate a particular niche, trade at reasonable multiples relative to growth, and have high barriers to entry. He discusses specific small-cap stocks with Wally Forbes in this profile interview.

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(6/2/15) Lamar Villere prefers small caps and the potential opportunity to grow over large, mature companies that don't have a lot of runway. Although the overall market has gotten expensive, he still sees interesting opportunities and says it's critical to be selective in which stocks will make up the 20 to 25 names in his portfolio.

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(5/28/15) As bottom-up stock picker, Lamar Villere thinks being based in the south allows for a more focused investment mindset vs. a "groupthink" mentality. He discusses investing for the long-term and looking for an attractive entry point.

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