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(6/30/15) Villere Funds Commentary. While Greece may be in the news today, we are quite sure attention will turn back to the Fed tomorrow. Our philosophy doesn’t include worrying about what happens in Europe or the Fed. Instead, we rely on our long-term perspective to buy stocks that face the kind of short-term setbacks which might frighten average investors.

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(9/2015) The Villere Balanced Fund is highlighted among Hybrid Funds in the Kiplinger's annual mutual fund rankings. Diversified in both stocks and bonds, the Fund focuses on small and mid-cap companies.

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(7/30/15) George Young provides insight on three of his top stock picks - automotive parts supplier LKQ, Flowers bakers, and Financial Engines, an independent investment adviser hired by US companies to provide retirement advice to employees.

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(7/29/15) George Young shares his thoughts on current positioning in the market. Nervous about interest rates, he says the Villere Balanced Fund's bond allocation is on the lower end. He seeks to find value in "other than dividend paying stocks" and small to mid-cap stocks.

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