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(9/30/15) Villere Funds Commentary. As most investors and advisors undoubtedly know, the third quarter was an unusually volatile one for the U.S. and global markets. We view this environment as offering buying opportunities to invest in companies we believe have strong long-term potential to reward investors for their patience.

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(9/2015) The Villere Balanced Fund is highlighted among Hybrid Funds in the Kiplinger's annual mutual fund rankings. Diversified in both stocks and bonds, the Fund focuses on small and mid-cap companies.

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(9/23/15) Following the recent Volkswagen emissions debacle, George Young provides his insight on buying opportunities that result from special situations that cause a company's stock price to drop. He looks at single events that are assessable and containable. Though he prefers small and mid-sized U.S. companies, he has purchased larger company stocks when the situation was appropriate..

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(9/1/15) Sandy Villere discusses buying opportunities as a result of recent market dips. Being long term oriented allows Sandy to think five years down the road so if he finds a great company at a reasonable price he believes there is no reason not to buy it at those levels.  He shares his thoughts on a few favored stocks with Jack Otter of Barron's.

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