(3/20/14) For the third consecutive year, Villere and company was named Best Fund by Lipper. "This achievement reflects the long-term growth and stability we seek to offer our investors" said George Young, fund portfolio manager and partner.

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(8/27/14) Lamar Villere shares his market outlook and comments on a few favorite stocks. He sees value in small-cap stocks for potential long-term growth.

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(9/14) Villere Balanced Fund is spotlighted among Hybrid Funds in Kiplinger's annual rankings. Diversified in both stocks and bonds, the Fund focuses on small and mid-cap companies.

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(8/21/14) An eternal optimist when it comes to investing, George Young believes we'll see more upside potential in the market.

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(6/26/14) The Villere Balanced Fund is featured in this issue of Barron's. Sandy Villere discusses the "go anywhere" strategy of the Fund to find attractive growth stocks. He also shares his insight on a few of his favorite stock picks.

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Let's Talk About Turnover, December 2013: Is your fund's turnover strategy just right?

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