(12/19/14) Villere announces dividends and capital gains for shareholders of record on December 17, 2014 for both the Villere Balanced Fund and Villere Equity Fund.

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(11/14) A "balanced fund with attitude"
A concentrated balanced fund with less than 30 stocks, the Villere Balanced Fund, is designed for investors who are comfortable with a higher level of volatility in pursuit of a higher level of total return.

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(12/12/14) In this Barron's feature article, Sandy Villere discusses the strategy of the Villere Balanced Fund to focus on a small number of small and medium sized companies that are growing and have a dominant market share in their industry. He also shares his top five stock picks.

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(10/21/14) A long-term investor, George Young says he prefers unfashionable equities at the moment. He explains why he favors domestic, smaller companies with potential room to grow over time on CNBC's Squawk Box.

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(9/14) In this Villere Balanced Fund is spotlighted among Hybrid Funds in Kiplinger's annual rankings. Diversified in both stocks and bonds, the Fund focuses on small and mid-cap companies.

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We are committed to our discipline and “staying the course” through 2015.

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